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a community-developed, free, opensource framework built for automated testing of Microservices APIs, Kafka, Database, Security, Load/Performance and also can be easily extended to include much more capabilities when needed

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What is Zerocode TDD?

Zerocode TDD is a super simple test automation framework suitable for writing test scenarios with an instantly familiar syntax using JSON or YAML.

Zerocode TDD enables you to create, change, orchestrate and maintain your automated test scenarios declaratively.

It is lightweight and extensible that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation to achieve fast and repeatable builds.

Regression Testing

Zerocode TDD enables you to write your regression test packs not in months or weeks or days but in minutes or hours.

Empower your team to Be Agile, Fail Fast and achieve nearly defect-free releases.

Quick Start

Download or clone the "helloworld" repo and run the sample tests locally.

Once ready, push it to Git and run it via your CI CD pipeline without any additional configuration or external dependencies.

Local Development

First, run mvn clean install -DskipTests to install the dependencies.


run http-testing module tests


run kafka-testing module tests


This project is licensed under the MIT License.